In a small European town, an old castle was once inhabited by three sisters. No, there was nothing normal about them, for they were The Gorgons. The most infamous was Medusa until her head of snake laden hair was cut off. Fear has swallowed the town because they believe that either Euryale or Medera, still live there. Dr. Namaroff (Peter Cushing) is the first to discover the awful truth as the immortal Gorgon has taken a human form. The human that she posses is Carla, Namaroff’s assistant. She does not know what is happening to her due to the fact that she blacksout when the Gorgon takes her over. She and her love interest Paul believe that the Dr. is lying because he is jealous. As the number of murders mount, the two men fight. Finally the awful truth is discovered and Paul and the Dr. fall victim to The Gorgan’s power and are turned to stone. The only one left who knows the secret of her power is Prof. Meister (Christopher Lee). It is up to him to take her head and break the curse forever or to fail and doom more of the townspeople. He takes his sword and finds the evil beast from ancient mythology, and luckily a mirror in her castle.

Licencia: Todos los derechos reservados

Año de creación: 2020

Estado: Disponible

Tipo de obra: Pintura / collage 

Medidas (en cms)

Altura: 93

Anchura: 120

Profundidad: 11,5

Soporte: Lienzo 3D

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