My assumptions were true !! and also Dr. Kashir’s studies on the function of this site. This area undoubtedly corresponds to the «Temple of Revelations» where, according to legend, are the 7 seals that would be opened before Christ returned to earth; in short, God’s Plan for the world and humanity, although in this place I can only see the ones corresponding to the Four Horsemen (the «Tribulation», the «Cosmic Signs» and the «Wrath and Mercy of God» still do not appear , but they should be in this same temple !!).

Each of the riders is easily identifiable both by the erect and rough sculpture that represents them, (made of terracotta and which has a height on the pedestal of about eight or ten meters) and by the sphere of (glass?) In front to them: Yellow for Death; White for Victory; Red for War and Black for Hunger.

These spheres have a diameter of approximately two meters and appear to be made of glass. Inside, a dazzling light swirls (and which I do not trust) as if a storm broke out in each of the orbs.

The support on which these luminescent spheres sit resembles a golden cup, although they could also be «trumpets» (alluding to the «Seven Trumpets» that announce that the seventh and final Seal has been opened.

This guy seems to have been here a long time (better not to touch him). I think he got off to a bad start choosing to take away the «Death» sphere.

Although all the orbs are arranged on the ground, it seems to me that their original position was vertical, in order to illuminate the statues conveniently.

Licencia: Todos los derechos reservados

Año de creación: 2020

Estado: Disponible

Tipo de obra: Pintura / collage 

Medidas (en cms)

Altura: 131

Anchura: 98

Profundidad: 13

Soporte: Lienzo 3D

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